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How to execute an BSA Eagle Project

Eagle District – The 12 Steps from Life to Eagle

Updated: 07/26/2012

(Eagle District – Indian Nations Council)
The following 12 steps have been outlined to ensure a smooth procedure for the Scout, the unit
leadership, the local council, and the volunteers who are to conduct the board of review. Eagle
candidates should share these steps with their unit leader so that they can fully understand the
procedures that must be followed.
1. In order to advance to the rank of Eagle, a candidate must complete all requirements of

tenure; Scout spirit; merit badges; positions of responsibility; while a Life Scout, plan,
develop, and provide leadership to others in a service project; and the Scoutmaster
Eagle District: It is recommended that the above requirements for tenure, merit
badges, and positions of responsibility be met “prior” to the pursuit of the Eagle Scout
Leadership Service Project. One cannot adequately “lead” an Eagle Scout Leadership
Project until he has gained the full experience of leadership training as a Life Scout.

2. Using the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, the candidate must select his Eagle

service project and have the project concept approved by his unit leader, his unit committee, and
the beneficiary of the project, and reviewed and approved by the council or district advancement
committee. The workbook must be used in meeting this requirement.
Eagle District: The Eagle Candidate must use the official Workbook in planning his Leadership
Service Project. The “preferred” Workbook is the electronic version provided by BSA on their
web site.

1. When the Eagle Candidate has presented his project to his Troop and has acquired all of the
necessary signatures from the Troop and Beneficiary of the project, he may then call Mr. David
Bowery, at 918.838.4238 to be put on the list for the next project review board. All he needs to
do is leave a message stating his name, troop number, and a return phone number. Mr.
Bowery will probably want to verify that the candidate’s project idea meets the minimum
requirements of an Eagle Scout project. (Note: This phone call must be made no later than
Monday night prior to the 3rd Thursday of the month; otherwise he will have to wait until the next
month to present his project.)

2. Project Review Boards are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Christ United
Methodist Church (35th & Harvard) beginning at 7:00 PM and lasting until finished.

3. Candidates are to dress in their Class “A” uniforms.

4. Candidates are to bring 3 copies of their project proposal, preferably in a 3-ring binder.

5. Parents, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Life to Eagle Coordinators are all welcome
to stay for the candidate’s project review or the entire meeting.

6. The candidate will present his project proposal to two or more District Advancement
Committee members. The purpose of the District Project Review Board is to help ensure that
we have some continuity with all Eagle District Eagle Scout Projects. We don’t want to have the
Eagle District – 12 Steps Updated: 07/26/2012
candidate nervous or concerned that we are there to destroy the project. We are there to help
fill in the holes and make certain that all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

7. Only after the project is approved by the District Board will the candidate be permitted to
execute his project.

8. If for some reason the project is not approved, it does NOT mean that it is a bad project. It
simply means that additional work is needed to ensure the project will be a success.

9. Once the candidate and project coach are in agreement that the plan is fully developed and
ready, the candidate rallies his helpers and executes the project.

10. Once the project is completed, the candidate must complete the final write-up, sign the
workbook and obtain final signatures from his beneficiary and Scoutmaster.

3. It is imperative that all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank except the board of review be

completed prior to the candidate's 18th birthday. When all requirements except the board of
review for the rank of Eagle, including the leadership service project, have been completed, the
Eagle Scout Rank Application must be completed and sent to the council service center promptly.
(Youth members with disabilities should meet with their unit leader regarding time extensions.)
Eagle District: The Eagle Scout Rank Application and the Eagle Scout Leadership Service
Project Workbook must be completed and submitted to the Indian Nations Council office no later
than the candidate’s 18th birthday.
Before submitting his Project Workbook and Eagle Scout Rank Application, he will be asked to
make 5 copies of the workbook to be used during his Eagle Scout Board of Review. Submit
only the original workbook and application to the Council office.

4. The application should be signed by the unit leader at the proper place. The unit committee

reviews and approves the record of the Eagle candidate before the application is submitted to the
local council. If a unit leader or unit committee fails to sign or otherwise approve an application,
the Eagle candidate may still be granted a board of review. The failure of a unit leader or unit
committee to sign an application may be considered by the board of review in determining the
qualification of the Eagle candidate.
Eagle District: The Scout must complete all paperwork (Eagle Scout Rank Application,
Ambitions and Life Purpose statement, TroopMaster advancement data printout if available, and
Project Workbook) prior to sitting for his Scoutmaster Conference. After the Scoutmaster
Conference and once all Eagle requirements have been confirmed, the Troop Scoutmaster and
Committee Chairman will sign the Eagle Candidate’s application.

5. When the completed application is received at the council service center, its contents will be

verified and the references contacted. The council advancement committee or its designee
contacts the person listed as a reference on the Eagle Scout Rank Application either by letter,
form, or telephone checklist. The council determines the method or methods to be used. The
candidate should have contacted those individuals listed as references before including their
names on the application. The candidates should not be involved personally in transmitting any
correspondence between persons listed as references and the council service center.

6. The Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, properly filled out, must be submitted

with the application.
Eagle District:

1. The Candidate will submit his application “packet” to the Eagle Processor at the Indian
Nations Council Headquarters (4295 S. Garnett Road), where she will verify the particulars of
Eagle District – 12 Steps Updated: 07/26/2012
the application. It is recommended that the candidate wait while she reviews it in case she has

2. Similar to Eagle Project Reviews, Eagle Boards are held once each month, generally the 3rd
Tuesday of the month.

7. After the contents of an application have been verified and appropriately signed, the application,

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, and references will be returned from the
council service center to the chairman of the Eagle board of review so that a board of review may
be scheduled. Under no circumstances should a board of review be scheduled until the
application is returned to the chairman of the Eagle board of review. Reference checks that are
forwarded with the application are confidential, and their contents are not to be disclosed to any
person who is not a member of the board of review.
Eagle District:

1. Once the application has been reviewed for accuracy, it will be forwarded to Mr. Max Wells,
the Eagle District Advancement Chairman.

2. Mr. Wells will call the Candidate to schedule the Candidate’s Board of Review. Typically, the
Board of Review will be conducted within 60 days after submitting to the Council headquarters.
During the 60 days, it is not wise (very bad manners) to call the Council headquarters or Mr.
Wells to inquire about when the Board of Review will be scheduled.

8. The board of review for an Eagle candidate is composed of at least three but not more than six

members. One member serves as chairman. Unit leaders, assistant unit leaders, relatives, or
guardians may not serve as members of a Scout's board of review. The board of review members
should convene at least 30 minutes before the candidate appears in order to review the
application, reference checks, and leadership service project report. At least one district or
council advancement representative must be a member of the Eagle board of review if the board
of review is conducted on a unit level. A council or district may designate more than one person
to serve as a member of Eagle boards of review when requested to do so by the unit. It is not
required that these persons be members of the advancement committee; however, they must have
an understanding of the importance of the Eagle board of review.
Eagle District:

1. Once the Board of Review is scheduled, the Candidate needs to work with his Scoutmaster
in selecting 5 adults to serve on his Board. These individuals cannot include family members or
his Scoutmaster. It can however, include Troop Committee Members, Pastor, Youth Minister,
Teachers, School Principal, Project Beneficiary, Neighbor, etc. The Candidate is to also extend
an invitation his Scoutmaster as his support person, to be present on the Candidate’s behalf.
The Scoutmaster does not technically serve as a Board member, but is welcome and
encouraged to attend.

2. The Candidate should arrive at his Board of Review in full Class “A” uniform, including merit
badge sash. The Candidate should also bring that old beat up and tattered Boy Scout
Handbook that he’s been carrying around for several years.

9. The candidate's unit leader introduces him to the members of the board of review. The unit

leader may remain in the room, but does not participate in the board of review. The unit leader
may be called on to clarify a point in question. In no case should a relative or guardian of the
candidate attend the review, even as a unit leader. There is no set of questions that an Eagle
candidate should be asked. However, the board should be assured of the candidate's participation
in the program. This is the highest award that a Scout may achieve and, consequently, a thorough
discussion of his successes and experiences in Scouting should be considered. After the review,
the candidate and his unit leader leave the room while the board members discuss the
acceptability of the candidate as an Eagle Scout.
Eagle District – 12 Steps Updated: 07/26/2012
The decision must be unanimous. If the candidate meets the requirements, he is asked to
return and is informed that he will receive the board's recommendation for the Eagle Scout rank.
If the candidate does not meet the requirements, he is asked to return and told the reasons for his
failure to qualify. A discussion should be held with him as to how he may meet the requirements
within a given period.
Should the applicant disagree with the decision, the appeal procedures should be explained to
him. A follow-up letter must be sent to the Scout confirming the agreements reached on the
action(s) necessary for the advancement. If the Scout chooses to appeal, the board should provide
the name and address of the person he is to contact. (See "Appealing a Decision" in the National
BSA Policies and Procedures, No. 33088A.)

10. Immediately after the board of review and after the application has been appropriately signed, the

application, the service project report, references, and a properly completed Advancement Report
are returned to the council service center.

11. When the application arrives at the council service center, the Scout executive signs it to certify

that the proper procedure has been followed and that the board of review has recommended the
candidate for the Eagle Scout rank. This workbook and references are retained by the council.
The workbook may be returned to the Scout after council approval.
Only the Eagle Scout Rank Application is forwarded to the national Eagle Scout
Eagle District:

1. Once the candidate passes the Board of Review, he is, as of that day, an Eagle Scout.

2. The Eagle Scout’s Project Workbook will be returned to him along with a few instructions
regarding preparation for his Eagle Court of Honor and annual Council Awards Banquet.

3. The Eagle Scout Rank Application will be returned to the Indian Nations Council Eagle
Processor who will forward the Application on to the National Eagle Scout Service in Irving, TX.
Once approved, the candidate will be “certified” as an Eagle Scout and his Certificate will be
mailed to the Council headquarters and the Scoutmaster will then be notified of its arrival.

12. The Eagle Scout Service screens the application to ascertain information such as proper signature,

positions of responsibility, tenure between ranks, and age of the candidate. Any item not meeting
national standards will cause the application to be returned for more information. If the
application is in order, the Scout is then certified as an Eagle Scout by the Eagle Scout Service on
behalf of the National Council. Notice of approval is given by sending the Eagle Scout certificate
to the local council. The date used on the certificate will be the date of the board of review. The
Eagle Award must not be sold or given to any unit until after the certificate is received by the
council service center. The Eagle Scout court of honor should not be scheduled until the local
council receives the Eagle Scout rank credentials.
Finally: The Board is there to be satisfied of the scout’s participation in the BSA program and
that the “Promise of Scouting” has been delivered. The purpose of the Board of Review is to
determine what the candidate got out of Scouting, what he has learned about leadership and
being a leader, and what he intends to give back to the organization that is about to bestow
upon him its highest honor. We are not there to determine Scout Skills. A Board of Review is
designed to determine the candidate’s character. The process usually takes 1.5 hours,
depending how talkative the candidate is. And in the end, it will be the Scout’s “finest” hour in

Earning Eagle Scout

The journey to Eagle Scout is simple.  Not easy, but simple.  The steps that are required are all outlined by the Boy Scouts of America.  A boy does not have to be particularly smart, athletic, or talented to reach Scouting’s highest rank.

The one quality that will be most helpful in attaining Eagle Scout rank is perseverance.  When a Scout has learned to keep going, no matter what, the battle is half-won.  The typical journey to Eagle takes in excess of five years.  This is long time in the life of an adolescent boy.  Perseverance is the quality that allows a young man to reach this lofty goal.

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